About Us

Meet Your Support Team
Caddo-Bossier Cancer Foundation League

Organized by cancer survivors and their families, the League is guided by leaders who understand the emotional and financial issues faced by those dealing with cancer treatment. Beyond the issue of “Will I survive?” are more mundane but very stressful issues: Who can take me to my treatment? Can I afford the medications? How can I come to Shreveport from out-of-town? As patients struggle with finances and travel issues, they may not be able to receive care as recommended by their physicians.

The League’s office is located in the Physicians Common building, 3300 Albert L. Bicknell Drive, Suite 3, across from the Willis-Knighton Cancer Center and provides care to patients undergoing treatment there, but it is not an affiliate of Willis-Knighton. Thus, memberships are critical to its growth as it seeks to serve large numbers of patients. As technology at the Willis-Knighton Cancer Center expands, more and more people from out-of-town will seek care at the facility.

The Board

  • Karen Black, RN, President
  • Mary Lowery Nordberg, PhD Vice-President
  • Dare Johnson, Treasurer
  • Sarah Nickelson, MD Rec. Secretary
  • Cheryl McBride, Corresponding Secretary
  • Monique M. Dennie, Founder/Past President

Board Members

  • Lee Boquet
  • Marliyn Boquet
  • Heather Bracey, MD
  • John Cariere
  • Mikey Carlisle
  • Karen Craig, RN
  • Julie Cupp, MD
  • Sally Gardner
  • Debbie Harrison
  • Douglas Janowski, MD
  • Sarah Larson, MS
  • Amber Mandino
  • Penny Moore, RN
  • Shari Platt, RN
  • Lane Rosen, MD
  • Susan Shelby
  • Anil Veluvolu, MD